Patrons and Supporting Members

Becoming a Patron or Supporting Member is a great and inexpensive way to not only show your support for the North Coast Gamers program, but also to get some great benefits as well.  You can become a  Patron or Supporting Member with 2 easy steps:

  1. Join (if you haven’t done so already) one the local North Coast Gamers chapters

Give $5.00 to the Chapter Organizer or send a payment via paypal through the easy payment button below:

or send a check/money order for the same amount to North Coast Gamers, 25291 Marsdon Dr, Euclid, OH 44132

What do I get for being a Supporting Member?  For only $5.00 a YEAR, you can upgrade from being an ‘Associate Member’ to being a ‘Supporting Member’! This is a great deal that provides a large number of benefits over and above the great gaming you get with the associate membership. Being a Supporting Member brings with it special benefits in the organization:

      The following are the Supporting members across the various chapters of the North Coast Gamers (

As of 4-12-2014)

Patron Members:

      • Chris Blatnick – Diamond Patron
      • Alex Ford – Platinum Patron
      • Dan Mazur – Platinum Patron
      • Randi Beers – Bronze Patron
      • Jon Cassie – Bronze Patron
      • Brian Kavaras – Bronze Patron
      • Bill Logan- Bronze Patron
      • Steven Soltz – Bronze Patron

All Chapters

Supporting Members 2015

Yi Ai
Christopher Aitken
Kasey Aitken
Michael Allen
Michael Allen, Jr
Shane Allen
Jennifer Allen
Daniel Angyal
Bess Antol
Steve Antol
Michael Babcock
Anthony Bailey
Stephanie Baker
Kevin Barnard
Mark Bause
Randi Beers
Jeff Berryhill
Chris Blatnick
Michelle Bodnovich
Chip Bodnovich
James Boyce
Jonathan Brne
Amberle Browne
Andrew Burkett
Marey Casey
Heather Cash
Jon Cassie
Tulio Catuzza
William Chew
Stephanie Marie Chew
William Collins
Carl Corrado
Jeremy Cottrell
Aaron Couch
Catherine Cox
William Cunningham
Christy D’Agostino
Nick D’Agostino
John Davis
Derrick Deidrick
Kenneth Demming
James Douglas
Kevin Dubber
Daniel Dunchack
Steele Ebling
Phill Epps
Michael Fitzgerald
Alexander Ford
Lisa Ford
Andy Frantz
Ray Glaeser
Brian Gollum
Ken Grazier
Angie Greth
Russell Griffin
Cheyenne Grimes
Jonathan Groves
Sean Hartwell
Anthony Haslage
Bonnie Hazen
John Hazen
Todd Heckeler
Betsy Herman
John Hickey
Matthew Hirth
Bryan Holtz
jeffrey horton
Calista Hudak
Denise Hudak
Nadia Hudak
Tyler Hudak
Jeff Hudson
Dean Hull
Alex James
Ann James
Doug James
Josh Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Ronald Jongeling
Michael Jundi
Benjamin Kanelos
David Kasper
Brian Kavaras
Nick Kelley
Stephen Kent
Jeff Langenderfer
Brian Larson
Robin Lea
William (Bill) Logan
Tom Loney
James Mann
Mike Martin
Steve Martinez
Terrance Marvin
Joshua Massie
Mark Maynard
Michelle Mazala
Dan Mazur
Kaylee Mazur
Thomas Melinsky
Alexandra Melone
Gino Melone
Anthony Meyer
Casey Michney
Justin Michney
Shelly Michney
Jason Miller
Richard Mills
Paul Mirth
Benjamin Moldovan
John Morgan
Meghan Moran
Patrick Moran
Bruce Morrison
Gillian Mowry
James Mowry
Antonino Nigro
Garrett O’Conner
Herbert Oertli
Steve Palmer
Paul Pekkanen
Michelle Pekkanen
James Pelton
Jason Petrasko
Frank Petrekovich
Sean Phillips
Jim Prokop
Josephine Prokop
Peryton Publishing
Joseph Revesz
Jonathan Reynolds
Nicholas Reynolds
Tim Reynolds
Ginger Reynolds
Robert Richardson
Charles Richardsonh
Nathan Rogers
Michael D. Romano
Jarod Rose
Jonathan Rosenberg
Tara Roy
Samuel Russo
Aaron Schonter
Will Shaffer
Adam Shands
Joseph Sinay
Steven Soltz
Harvey Sponaugle
Andrew Stockmaster
william stone
Matthew Stone
John Strobel
Jason Sulwer
Christopher Sutton
Sherri Sutton
Gary Sweatt
Robert Tallon
Taras Toporowych
Gerald Teleha
Matthew Thomas
Paul Toeller
Colin Toke
Scott Tolle
Cynthia Tuck
Daniel Videc
Heather Walters
Austin Weinreber
Jennifer Whiteford
Chris Whitman
Wendy Whitman
Joseph Wiggins
Heather Wiggins
John Zapisek
Robby Ziegler
Mark Zielinski
Debbie Zielinski
Collin Zielinski
Kileigh Zielinski

  • What do I get for being a Supporting Member? For only $5.00 a YEAR, you can upgrade from being an ‘Associate Member’ to being a ‘Supporting Member’! This is a great deal that provides a large number of benefits over and above the great gaming you get with the associate membership. Being a Supporting Member brings with it special benefits in the organization:
  1. Automatic entry in our Game Giveaways (usually once each month)
  2. Discounts at cooperating game shops
  3. Enrollment in our ‘Best Benefits Club’ and access to our website of hundreds of quality discounts on hobbies, hotels, movies, and more! (NEW)
  4. Huge Discounts for Origins Game Fair (over a $30.00 value)
  5. Automatic entry into our Gen Con ticket giveaway
  6. Free access to special ‘Supporting Member’ events
  7. Membership to all North Coast Gamers chapter events regardless of the city

Please consider upgrading to a Supporting Member of the North Coast Gamers. We really need your help, and in return, there are some great benefits! We have some great things planned for this year and we can realize those plans with your help! We’d love to see EVERYONE listed as a Supporting Member!

*Supporting Membership is by CALENDAR YEAR. Individuals who sign up for Supporting Membership September 1st or afterwards have their membership dues carried over to teh following calendar year as well. For example, if you sign up for Supporting Membership between January-August, it counts for that calendar year. If an individual signs up between September and December, membership counts for the remaining of that calendar year and the next calendar year.

Just a reminder, all Associate Members (free membership) under the age of 18 years are automatically upgraded to being a Supporting Member! Just that simple.
What are the donations used for? The donations have a close accounting kept to them that are open to all members so that everyone can see where the money is being spent. The Board makes those decision, but are open to have suggestions and feedback on the funds that are collected.

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